Cook Door - كوك دوور
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Cook Door - كوك دوور


Cook Door Company was founded in 1988 by young Egyptians, using Egyptian capital. The founders wanted to grow in the Egyptian market and compete with other global companies in the food industry through Egyptian products of international standards.

Now, and after more than 25 years of hard work, the International Company for Food Industries ICFI (that is Cook Door) has become one of the biggest Egyptian companies, with 62 branches all over Egypt, in addition to expanding our branches to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We use the latest technology and the best talents to meet our clients’ requirements with speedy, high-quality and refined service.
ICFI (Cook Door) was awarded the Best Fast Food Chain in Egypt for the years 2007, 2008 and 2009, respectively.
The company evolved from a medium-sized to one of the biggest leading companies in the food industry, owing to experience acquired and amassed over the past 20 years and the use of the up-to-date, advanced machinery, which typifies the technological progress in that area and is proportional to the magnitude of production and its diversity by international standards. In addition to our qualified personnel and investing in technology and development, all of these reasons have tripled the size of the company during the last five years.
Cook Door is part of the group that belongs to the holding company International Company for Food Industries (ICFI),a shareholding Egyptian company that owns the following companies as well:
Golden Bakery
Customer Voice
Rich for Liquid Industries